Custom Mirrors

Custom made glass mirrors can add new depth and function to homes, gyms and yoga studios

To some, mirrors fill a need. To others mirrors are a piece of home decoration. Whether you’re using them to make sure your tie is on straight, or to add depth and natural light to a room, mirrors have a place in your home. Glass Build Canada can provide custom mirrors that will increase the beauty of your residence while bouncing natural light throughout the entire room, causing the room to feel like a larger space

Custom mirrors can provide use in a gym, yoga studio or any location with a number of people. If you have a class or group that want to exercise together while being able to see their instructor and themselves then a mirror can be customized to fit the studio space available. The practical and reflective designs mean that every participant will be able to take in the information they need without being distracted.

Our specialty is creating custom shapes and sizes of Custom Mirrors, providing the client with the opportunity to brighten up any area or provide a good view of the space. We take pride in our customer service and ensure the best quality of Custom Mirrors available. Our experts are standing by to custom cut your mirror and ship it out immediately.

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